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I'm Cruizin and I build powersports forums.  Rider owned and definitely not corporate run, our forums are riders learning and sharing with other riders.    We are riders who have friendships with riders who have extensive experience setting up race machines, the best ECU maps, killer suspension sets and lighting. Many of our friends do actual racetrack support for customers and share their parts, services and yes, knowledge on our forums. We only do business with the best customer centric vendors/advertisers and you the forum members only benifet from the knowledge to save money and repair/upgrade your own machines. 



 DIY's with pics will be big around here. As in, sharing how to install or repair something on your Talon, after you do it yourself.  Others see this and do the same and everyone learns and shares what we find as we build, learn, and share our Talons.  Then, every question you have about our talons is all easy to find right here. 

We know this because this was the recipe on all of our Moto forums. Thousands of pages of DIY tech tips with pics from thousands of riders. 

DIY's are what forums are best at, as we give each category its own section. "engine, suspension or Boost, Reflash/Map" etc, etc. .

What you post here doesn't get buried in two days, and helps literally thousands of other riders for years to come.

Welcome to the Talon forum. 



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