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How come none of you are posting on the forum?

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68 people have joined in the past 7 days. Im trying to figure out why only 4 of you post? 😉

Pictures are welcome. Posts in the new member introduction board are welcome. 

Posts about your upgrades are rides are welcome. Questions are welcome.

If you take the time to join and click on the registration email, why not actually post? 

A forum is for sharing and learning. If nobody posts, this is not an active forum. 

Please, type something? I'd like to hold a contest, give away this RMATV gift card that I have, but not if nobody is here. 

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I believe the reason for lack of traction of posting is the "Newness" . After market parts are slowly getting on the market.

Give this another 6 months and I'm sure postings will pickup. I took mine to Sandlake last weekend and it was busy and 

I was the only Talon out there and of course got a lot of looks and questions. We do need more product reviews and pics

for sure. Included pic is windshield I purchased from Super ATV. 


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