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Tusk 30" Tire and Wheel Packages that fit the Talon

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Here is a link where you can build/buy Tire and Wheel Packages for the Honda Talon X and R. 

RMATV Honda Talon 30" Tire and wheel builder link

https://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/search/go?w=30x10-15 Tusk+Terrabite

I have been a huge fan of RMATV for many years. Especially their "Tusk" brand of parts. I have bought Tusk parts for my dirtbikes, ATV's and UTV's for many years and they are awesome value for the price. 


The Tusk Kevlar Terrabite tire is the ultimate all terrain tire for your UTV or ATV. The bead to bead Kevlar belting gives this race tested tire unparalleled protection from sidewall tears while also increasing durability in the tread...


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