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Member Albums are LIVE in our gallery!  The 5 most recent pics uploaded to the gallery get featured on the front page of hondatalon.net, so click on gallery, then member albums and start your free Gallery today! 

Name your album "usernames album"  , so you don't use up someone else's username. 

Click on Gallery. Then click on the green "add images" album.  1133152953_ScreenShot2019-05-16at5_25_41PM.png.6df126e6def032e7236034a88bdee8c8.png


Then, click on "create new Album".  796632492_ScreenShot2019-05-16at5_26_49PM.png.600b998433494eedd4352e73cf1e8284.png


Then, simply upload some pics of your Talon and your rides!  

Again, name your album after your username. EXAMPLE: My username is Cruizin  so, "Cruizin's Album". 


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