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    Since I’m waiting on my accessories. I decided to start going over the Talon. Just getting familiar with things. I’ve noticed I’m missing a rubber grommet for the hood. I took pictures of missing and existing one for reference. I thought I’d mark the minimum and maximum coolant lines for easy reading. I notice it seems low on coolant. Going around the back of the Talon. I noticed one of the Allen screws not completely snugged in the plastic shield above the exhaust. Simple little things. Just hope I’m not going to find other simple little things. It’s a great sxs I’m not complaining just taking notes. Time to check oils and see how they are.
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    That’s great. I like my talon x. It suits me fine. But it’s great to see Honda’s diversity on this great machine.
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    Well today Flowmaster exhaust picked up my Talon to take to their shop for some R&D! I will have it back by Friday with a custom exhaust! I'm excited to see what they come up with!
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    Hello. Doc here from TEAM WAX OFFROAD (youtube). Wax, KY. I own a red Talon 1000R. My son owns a blue Talon1000X. I have been offroading for about 35 yrs. Our crew really enjoys riding and meeting people on the trail when we have the opportunity. Check out my nephews youtube channel, sub, and like. TEAM WAX OFFROAD. Thanks everyone and I am happy to join this page. Thanks..!!
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    I have been waiting for my front bumper to get here so I can get my winch mounted up! I am sitting on the Honda switch panel and winch mount kit as well as a Warn 4500lb winch. Honda is slow right now about getting accessories built and shipped out, I've been waiting for 6 weeks now and just got a email saying it would be 3 more weeks.....I expected that Honda would be more on top of things.
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    Buck, did you look and see what setting they are on? I'm running mine on the softest setting wich is 1, and I also dropped my tire pressure to 10psi. I love the way mine rides!
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    they sent me a new tire free of charge and its all good. maxxis tires did a great job.
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    Two weeks after buying a brand new $21999 talon and after babying it, not wanting to get it dirty, not driving on bad roads; we decided to take it for a nice ride on a dirt road (a road vehicles can easily travel). Well the rear tire blew two holes in the side wall and immediately went flat. Nothing was around it, no big rocks, no glass, NOTHING! So we decided to look online to find a replacement. Note: the tire is Maxxis 28x11 15 YOU CANT FIND IT ANYWHERE! They don’t sell the tire. So in order to replace it we’d have to buy another brand which means we have to buy two so they match and drive the same. Not to mention we have yet to even find the size! Absolutely ridiculous!
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    Just did my first service yesterday! They definitely made it easy to service!
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    Here is links to the Terrabite Kevlars directly, this is what Im getting Tusk Kevlar Terrabite Tire | Tires and Wheels | Rocky Mountain ATV/MC REDIRECT.VIGLINK.COM The Tusk Kevlar Terrabite tire is the ultimate all terrain tire for your UTV or ATV. The bead to bead Kevlar belting gives this race tested tire unparalleled protection from sidewall tears while also increasing durability in the tread...
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    Giddy up, thanks for the insight and sharing!
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    Im told 14" rims and 30 " tires are no probs.
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    Hello new member here from northeast Pennsylvania. Got the Talon X . Waiting on accessories, to trick her out.
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    I’ve only put 7 miles on my talon x, I love it. I am wondering if I’d be able to put 14” rims with 30” tires. I just think I might want a little more side wall on the tires for a little plusher ride. The mountains I ride have lots of rocks. If anyone knows if it’s possible or better yet. Some pictures would be appreciated.
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    That sucks but glad they handled it. I myself will be getting Tusk Terrabites put on soon Not sure if I will go 30 or 32 yet,. Tusk are great 8 ply ? I have them on my Pioneer and love them i
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    Update: after speaking to a specialist through the OE (original equipment) department from Maxxis Tires; they are replacing the tire and paying to have ours shipped back to the warranty department. After many pictures and views of the tire, it did end up having stress marks (looked like stretch marks on a belly), other cracks and holes in it. The tire was definitely a defect and Maxxis is standing by their word and even shipping the tire out first so we are able to ride. There is only one problem, which the gentlemen will be working on after this is taken care of. The tire can’t be bought and is not for sale. It was specifically made for Honda and Honda I assume owns the rights, at least that’s what I understood from his explanation. He too feels it should be for sale and wants to work on getting it on the website for other Talon owners. So for all you Talon owners, Don’t blow a tire til the tires are for sale lol. I will upload photos of the tire, if I’m able to, so you can see the marks on it and understand why we were so upset with it.
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