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    Taken yesterday at Sand Lake this thing is incredible....need I say more??
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    Yep, another good ride day in the Hulapai Mountains with the Idiots new talon easily outperforming my YZX on steep, very rocky hill climbs.
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    My wife and I are new to this whole SXS stuff and just bought a new Talon 1000X and went to Moab Utah. Absolutely love the machine, Moab and this whole SXS stuff, We are torn between no windshield, a half windshield or some form of a full windshield. Could some of you that have different variations of these chim in with your thoughts...pluses and minuses......thanks!!
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    I see you have two different type of windshields, I just posted a question asking your thoughts...pluses and minuses of all types...could you tell me your thoughts?
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    Install something? Fix something? Share it here in this thread!
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    It sounds really good!! I will try and get a video next time out!
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    System Looks nice. Does it sound as nice as it looks??
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    Can you post video with it running when completed?
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    Posted windshield pic in another area. Any case purchased through Super ATV. Tinted version easy install...
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    Mcnasty Customz is where i bought mine and they fit perfect, look good, and are very functional. Easy to install and they are $145.
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    It was dumping fresh snow on us today! I love riding North Idaho in the late spring, early summer!
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    I am running 8-9psi in my tires (usually 9 front, 8 rear) and shocks are set on 1 on my R. It has gotten smoother with break in. It is a little rough at low speeds, but excellent at higher speeds. I would assume they are designed for aggressive riding, and that is my intentions.... LOL.
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    I will be headed up to play in the snow! Still lots of it up high, this is my favorite time of year to ride!!!
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    I will have it back tomorrow! I will take a few more pictures, I'm liking what I see and they said 27% better flow vs stock! Should be a noticeable diffrence!
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    20190526_153810.mp4 Here's a sneak peak of the exhaust that Flowmaster is building for my Talon! I can't wait to get my buggy back! 20190526_153810.mp4
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    I didn't know they were in Hayden Lake either. I can help them sell a ton of exhausts. I have a Vendor on the motorcycle forums who has sold thousands thanks to the forums. Especially if they can knock a lil off the price for forum members.
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    I will see what they have to say! They have been trying to find a machine to mock up and do some R&D. It turns out I have a friend that is buddies with some of the guys that work there and he give them my number. I didn't even know they had a shop in Hayden Lake.
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    that is freaking awesome! Ask em if they would like to be a supporting vendor of the forum, they'll get killer advertising and their own board to talk to the members. See if they can give you some dyno charts to share!
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    Well today Flowmaster exhaust picked up my Talon to take to their shop for some R&D! I will have it back by Friday with a custom exhaust! I'm excited to see what they come up with!
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    Since I’m waiting on my accessories. I decided to start going over the Talon. Just getting familiar with things. I’ve noticed I’m missing a rubber grommet for the hood. I took pictures of missing and existing one for reference. I thought I’d mark the minimum and maximum coolant lines for easy reading. I notice it seems low on coolant. Going around the back of the Talon. I noticed one of the Allen screws not completely snugged in the plastic shield above the exhaust. Simple little things. Just hope I’m not going to find other simple little things. It’s a great sxs I’m not complaining just taking notes. Time to check oils and see how they are.
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    Here is a link where you can build/buy Tire and Wheel Packages for the Honda Talon X and R. RMATV Honda Talon 30" Tire and wheel builder link https://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/search/go?w=30x10-15 Tusk+Terrabite I have been a huge fan of RMATV for many years. Especially their "Tusk" brand of parts. I have bought Tusk parts for my dirtbikes, ATV's and UTV's for many years and they are awesome value for the price. Tusk Kevlar Terrabite Tire | Tires and Wheels | Rocky Mountain ATV/MC WWW.ROCKYMOUNTAINATVMC.COM The Tusk Kevlar Terrabite tire is the ultimate all terrain tire for your UTV or ATV. The bead to bead Kevlar belting gives this race tested tire unparalleled protection from sidewall tears while also increasing durability in the tread...
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