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  2. Doc - TEAM WAX


    Congrats on the new X... Windshield choice will probably be based mostly on your style of riding, where you ride, and how you want your machine to look. *The full windshield has the most protection from the elements. Especially in cold or wet weather. If you go full windshield, get one that opens for hot days. Full windshields may not always look the coolest..... *Half windshields offer some protection but not a lot. They are nice on hot days. The cold and rain still hits you a lot. But they look cool. *No windshield.... not an option.. lol. Hopefully my opinions help you some...... https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoEVONkx-jegAM2xvzLuLPA
  3. Last week
  4. rangirrick

    Lets see some pics of your Talon!

    I see you have two different type of windshields, I just posted a question asking your thoughts...pluses and minuses of all types...could you tell me your thoughts?
  5. rangirrick


    My wife and I are new to this whole SXS stuff and just bought a new Talon 1000X and went to Moab Utah. Absolutely love the machine, Moab and this whole SXS stuff, We are torn between no windshield, a half windshield or some form of a full windshield. Could some of you that have different variations of these chim in with your thoughts...pluses and minuses......thanks!!
  6. rangirrick


  7. Alan & Gina

    Alan & Gina

  8. Doc - TEAM WAX

    Where do you ride at ?

    We rode at Wildcat Off Road Park again last weekend. Still riding Blue Holler Off Road Park occasionally also. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pG8M--jpPOk
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  10. IDIOT


    Thanks Hammer
  11. IDIOT


    Thank you sir
  12. Phantomdriver

    What have you done to your Talon today?

    Well any exhaust noise yet? Installed lower door panels from Honda went real easy great fit. The exhaust question is directed to Hammer
  13. Hammer


    If you go with a 5+2 offset on all 4 wheels and a 1" 1/2 spacer in the rear you should be the same width front and rear!
  14. Doc - TEAM WAX


    Nice looking machines..!! Great scenery..!!
  15. Is anyone planning to purchase a 4 seat Talon? Any deposits? Any friends with plans to purchase?
  16. jumpinjoe


  17. Phantomdriver

    Lets see some pics of your Talon!

    Taken yesterday at Sand Lake this thing is incredible....need I say more??
  18. Ted Bell

    Fathers day ride with Ted Bell

    Yep, another good ride day in the Hulapai Mountains with the Idiots new talon easily outperforming my YZX on steep, very rocky hill climbs.
  19. Ted Bell

    Ted Bell

  20. Hammer

    What have you done to your Talon today?

    It sounds really good!! I will try and get a video next time out!
  21. timw60


  22. Phantomdriver

    What have you done to your Talon today?

    System Looks nice. Does it sound as nice as it looks??
  23. Phantomdriver

    What have you done to your Talon today?

    Can you post video with it running when completed?
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