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  3. Jonathen here just picked my Talon up last week and love it!!
  4. Jonathen


  5. That’s great. I like my talon x. It suits me fine. But it’s great to see Honda’s diversity on this great machine.
  6. Cruizin

    Where do you ride at ?

    Maybe @Doc - TEAM WAX OFFROAD will come post some video from KY? (Just paste the share link from youtube below.)
  7. Cruizin

    What have you done to your Talon today?

    I didn't know they were in Hayden Lake either. I can help them sell a ton of exhausts. I have a Vendor on the motorcycle forums who has sold thousands thanks to the forums. Especially if they can knock a lil off the price for forum members.
  8. Hammer

    What have you done to your Talon today?

    I will see what they have to say! They have been trying to find a machine to mock up and do some R&D. It turns out I have a friend that is buddies with some of the guys that work there and he give them my number. I didn't even know they had a shop in Hayden Lake.
  9. Cruizin

    What have you done to your Talon today?

    that is freaking awesome! Ask em if they would like to be a supporting vendor of the forum, they'll get killer advertising and their own board to talk to the members. See if they can give you some dyno charts to share!
  10. Hammer

    What have you done to your Talon today?

    Well today Flowmaster exhaust picked up my Talon to take to their shop for some R&D! I will have it back by Friday with a custom exhaust! I'm excited to see what they come up with!
  11. Cruizin

    • Cruizin
    • Kevin bunfill

    Hey Kevin, thanks for joining us!  LEt me know if you have any forum/software questions. 

  12. Cruizin

    Where do you ride at ?

    I am fortunate enough to live in Idaho. We have over 4000 miles of designated OHV trails. Mountains, deserts, I have seen some majestic Rocky Mountain vistas. Mountain trails are awesome, especially Single Track. But Im getting older (53)and my wife got sick of me riding those singletrack trails with 2000 ft drop offs on both sides on my Dirtbikes. We also have this area called "Saint Anthony" Sand Dunes. Out in the middle of farmland, Saint Anthony is 15 miles of killer sand dunes. We are talking about dunes taller/steeper than Glamis. And a lot less drunks. Saint Anthony Idaho ( Not my Video) Now, @Hammer will come along and show you some killer vid/pics of Northern Idaho. God's country.
  13. I'm supposed to get my X in two weeks. If they release a Turbo model I'm cancelling the order on that X.
  14. Luke n Carolyn cochren

    Luke n Carolyn cochren

  15. I'm curious to see what they release next!!
  16. Honda is freaking serious about the off road market. Between the Talons and all the new dirt bike models last year, and the above items about to drop, big red is back in a big way in the off-road market. Could be we getting a Talon 1000 RR? A turbo model? What do you think??
  17. Cruizin

    • Cruizin
    • Luke n Carolyn cochren

    Thanks for joining us, do you have any pics or info to share on the forum? 

  18. Cruizin

    Hello from Doc-Team Wax

    Hello Doc, thanks for joining us! I went ahead and broke your post off into it's own topic in the same board.
  19. Yesterday
  20. Duffstuff

    What have you done to your Talon today?

    Since I’m waiting on my accessories. I decided to start going over the Talon. Just getting familiar with things. I’ve noticed I’m missing a rubber grommet for the hood. I took pictures of missing and existing one for reference. I thought I’d mark the minimum and maximum coolant lines for easy reading. I notice it seems low on coolant. Going around the back of the Talon. I noticed one of the Allen screws not completely snugged in the plastic shield above the exhaust. Simple little things. Just hope I’m not going to find other simple little things. It’s a great sxs I’m not complaining just taking notes. Time to check oils and see how they are.

    Hello from Doc-Team Wax

    Hello. Doc here from TEAM WAX OFFROAD (youtube). Wax, KY. I own a red Talon 1000R. My son owns a blue Talon1000X. I have been offroading for about 35 yrs. Our crew really enjoys riding and meeting people on the trail when we have the opportunity. Check out my nephews youtube channel, sub, and like. TEAM WAX OFFROAD. Thanks everyone and I am happy to join this page. Thanks..!!


  23. Hammer

    What have you done to your Talon today?

    I have been waiting for my front bumper to get here so I can get my winch mounted up! I am sitting on the Honda switch panel and winch mount kit as well as a Warn 4500lb winch. Honda is slow right now about getting accessories built and shipped out, I've been waiting for 6 weeks now and just got a email saying it would be 3 more weeks.....I expected that Honda would be more on top of things.
  24. Hammer

    rides too rough

    Buck, did you look and see what setting they are on? I'm running mine on the softest setting wich is 1, and I also dropped my tire pressure to 10psi. I love the way mine rides!
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